Fun with Topaz quartet at our Christmas party


Coach Vivecka asked us to write one thing we love about the chorus on a tiny piece of post-it note.

The chorus aims high!

We love kids to join us when we're out singing Christmas carols.

Want to learn to sing better?


If you love to sing and want to learn more about vocal production and performance, we hold new members programs regularly throughout the year.

After the introductory program you’re eligible to audition to join the chorus – don’t worry, this is done by recording yourself in a group situation and we’ll give you all the support you need! All members do this regularly each time we learn each new song – we’re not looking for perfection, it just helps us be the best we can be!

You’ll join the chorus in learning more about breathing, posture, resonation and phonation as well as many other harmony singing skills.

The basics you’ll need are to:

  • be able to demonstrate the ability and potential to maintain quality sound whilst singing your part with others
  • possess good intonation and sound vocal skills
  • be able to produce correct notes and words consistently
  • be able to demonstrate a willingness to learn new skills
  • be able to accept and embrace both the style of the music we sing and the culture of the chorus community
  • be enthusiastic to contribute and have fun!

If you have questions or to find out when the next program begins, please phone Peita on 0412 948450 or email