Assistant Directors Tracey Connors and Candy Hoddinott.


Assistant Director


Tracey Connors is one of the Assistant directors at Coastal a Cappella
Tracey Connors joined Sweet Adelines in 2001 and has enjoyed many different roles including Tenor section leader, Show team, Visual team, quartet member. She became Assistant director almost 4 years ago and Certified director in 2011. Coming from a finance background with a BEc, she loves the musical challenges and values the educational opportunities the organisation offers. She is passionate about participating in the development of the chorus and her singing colleagues.

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Coach Mary Rhea works with the music and visual teams.



Music team

Section leaders & visual team

  • Lead section leaders: Leonie Connolly, Wende Feeney, Assistant section leaders Michelle Robertson and Natasha Whitwell
  • Bass section leader: Trish Tuffin, Assistant section leader: Toni Hutchinson
  • Baritone section leader: Paula Adams
  • Tenor section leader: Ruth Jackson, Assistant section leader: Lyn Smith
  • Visual team leader: Stephanie Seddon: Assistant: Suzie Emerton
  • New members liaison: Valerie Seyer